Zhang Hanyun

James D'Onofrio

Filmmaker, director, historical researcher,writer of horror stories. Husband and father of three children, he live in Spain

Actress, writer, screenwriter, know for the indie thriller movie Grolliwood,  she love vampires and the dark word .

In the imagination of people, vampires are attractive because they represent the realm of the supernatural.Do vampires do not exist? Are just fantastic figures? This may be true: vampires could only be figures generated by superstition and popular credulity but the myth, vampire legend is a constant of almost every civilization at all times, widespread before many peoples were infected with the European myth of Dracula. This majestic figure, the "vampire", altogether, has resized local mythical joints and spells, helping dissolve popular and traditional vampire figures. The term "vampire" identifies the spirit of a deceased person or his corpse, a creature-symbol of the forces of evil that agitate in a kind of life when "Sun's light is dead".
The origin of the Vampire is very ancient and with different variations, it is lost in the night of the times and has a remarkable role in the culture of almost every people.
 Certain methods observed in the prehistoric necropolis where large stones are planted on the body of the dead to prevent him from returning from the background makes assuming the belief in the Vampire.
The oldest text reads in a Babylonian tablet kept at the British Museum: a magic formula that serves to protect it from the Night Blood-Noon Demonstrators, which were the Etimites. On this site we collected data, information and testimonies about vampires, their history, their origins, from the historical and sociological point of view, to answer an ever-present question: who are really vampires and why people Is it subjected to the mysterious fascination and an attraction not disconnected from an atavistic terror? ? Surely the aura of mystery that surrounds vampires has meant that more and more people have been interested in their story. To give an answer to all the questions we must necessarily start from afar, from obscure and dark places, from the ancestral man's fears. And what are the fears of excellence except those of pain and of death? and above all that will provide us with a valid starting point. The vampire, in fact, wins death, while remaining convicted of a twilight existence. The vampire is a terrifying character of dark, popular beliefs spread over vast areas of the modern world, identifying a dead person (often accidental or violent, so still thirsty for life), revived by his own spirit or rites magical, it goes around the night to suck the blood of the living. And that's precisely it. Classic tradition identifies the vampire in the spirit of a deceased, or anyway in his body, back to subtract living vital essence, usually in the form of blood, in an attempt to keep his twilight existence.
Does the legend of vampires have a scientific explanation? Medieval scholars in some treatises have described the characteristics of some deceased and whit their documentation, it is easy to deduce that many cases of natural death were misunderstood and exchanged for demonic phenomena. Where is the truth? Follow our studies,to understand everything about these mysterious night creatures. Are there really exist? Are they just a creation  by the fantasy of some writer? Who knows! Perhaps we will never know and this question will remain unresolved. The only things really sure is that vampire continue to fascinating people on all the world.


Zhang Hanyun and James D'Onofrio
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